woman drinking beer while looking at a no alcohol sign

Hi! I’m Nicole.

A desert dwelling, small space living, craft beer loving artist and writer.

I’m on a mission to help you create more, share more, say more, and make more online. I started creating on the internet in the ’90s, and I’ve done a lot of stuff, like: Whether you’re looking to make a side income from your projects, or just need a creative outlet, I’ve got you.

On this site, you’ll find resources, tips, and tools to help you share your passion and creativity with the world.

You can usually find me

  • Learning obscure facts from nerdy history documentaries
  • Endlessly tweaking code and trying new plugins on my websites
  • Seeking the tastiest food my southern Arizona home offers
  • Camping or hoofing it around nature preserves with Nikon camera in hand

My Values


My approach to life is laid back. I always seek the humor in every situation.


I will recognize where people are on their journeys. I will never forget that I started as a beginner.


I will always share my perspective, create new things, and walk my own path.


I strive to push myself further and approach all things head on and head up.