woman drinking beer while looking at a no alcohol sign

Hi! I’m Nicole. An artist, illustrator, and web developer.

Ever since I can remember, I’ve loved to paint, draw, and have fun making a mess while making the images in my head a reality.

One of my earliest memories is getting in trouble for using shoe polish on the side of my parents house to make it “pretty.”

I’m a dabbler, outcast, late bloomer, and perpetual learner of something new.

I’m a bit like a hummingbird. I buzz around from interest to interest and sample things until I feel like I’ve learned enough and I’m ready to move to the next thing.

Creating art is the only “flower” that’s ever held this hummingbird (me!) captivated.

I went to school for art and business, but until recently it never occurred to me that my art was good enough to sell.

I’ve been called flaky, irresponsible, flighty, and a quitter for my need to dabble. But I believe my combination of experiences and knowledge in other fields gave me the courage and maturity I needed to finally put my art out into the world.

Enter this website, where I share my work, process, and struggles as an artist in a technical field.

My work is inspired by my beautiful home in the heart of the Sonoran desert in the southwestern portion of the United States. I love creating digital art on my iPad with programs like Procreate, and I also paint and draw with acrylics and watercolor.

When I’m not working at my day job, you can find me:

  • Learning way too many obscure facts from nerdy history documentaries on YouTube. My favorite TV historians are Lucy Worsley, Dan Jones, Helen Castor, Suzannah Lipscomb, and a few more I know I’m forgetting.
  • Endlessly tweaking the code and trying new plugins on my websites.
  • Seeking out the tastiest Sonoran food my southern Arizona home has to offer. Sonoran hotdogs, mesquite-smoked carne asada tacos, raspados, oh my!
  • Hoofing it around nature preserves with Nikon camera in hand.
  • Climbing mountains in my Jeep Wrangler.
  • Drawing on my iPad, painting rocks, and doing anything to scratch my never ending creative itch.

My Values

  • LEARNING: I will never know everything. I will consistently learn new things and grow from my new knowledge.
  • HUMOR: My approach to life will be laid back. I will always seek the humor in every situation.
  • MINDFULNESS: I commit to recognizing where people are on their unique journeys and I will never forget where I started.
  • CREATIVITY: I will always share my unique perspective, create new things, and strive to walk my own path.
  • BRAVERY: I will consistently strive to push myself further and approach all things head on and head up.