Hi! I’m Nicole.

A desert dwelling, small space living, craft beer loving artist and content creator.

I make content for artists and creators that helps them create more, share more, say more, and make more.

With my small space art creation tips and digital art tutorials, I help them:

✨ bring more creativity into their lives

🎨 learn new ways to create more art with less space

🛠 resolve to finally learn how to use content creation tools once and for all

I got started with digital art when we sold our house and moved into a motorhome. Leaving my studio behind felt like losing a piece of my heart. But I discovered how to pack all my canvases, brushes, and paints into small packages by learning how to create digital art on my iPad and laptop.

You can usually find me:

  • Learning far too many obscure facts from nerdy history documentaries on YouTube. My favorite TV historians are Lucy Worsley, Dan Jones, Helen Castor, Suzannah Lipscomb, and a few more I know I’m forgetting.
  • Endlessly tweaking the code and trying new plugins on my websites.
  • Seeking out the tastiest Sonoran food my southern Arizona home has to offer. Sonoran hot dogs, mesquite-smoked carne asada tacos, raspados, oh my!
  • Hoofing it around nature preserves with Nikon camera in hand.
  • Camping and climbing mountains in my Jeep Wrangler.
  • Drawing on my iPad, painting rocks, and doing anything to scratch my never-ending creative itch.

Artist Statement

I’m a Tucson, Arizona-based artist who expresses creativity through digital painting, photography, mixed media art, and writing.

I create art about life in the Sonoran Desert and using the presence of nature to heal from trauma and gain a more profound understanding of ourselves. I am inspired by the honest, rugged beauty of the plants, animals, landscape, and culture of the American Southwest.

I’m interested in the convergence of creativity and technology, and what happens when we stop to notice nature and consider alternate ideas.

When people experience my work, I want them to appreciate the small details of plants, places, and animals and think about the familiar in a new way.

My Values


I will never know everything. I will consistently learn new things and grow from my new knowledge.


My approach to life will be laid back. I will always seek the humor in every situation.


I commit to recognizing where people are on their unique journeys and I will never forget where I started.


I will always share my unique perspective, create new things, and strive to walk my own path.


I will consistently push myself further and approach all things head on and head up.

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