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Hi! I’m Nicole. A desert dwelling, small space living, craft beer loving artist.

I’m only happy when I’m creating. Ever since I can remember, I’ve loved to write, paint, draw, and have fun creating a mess while making the images in my head a reality.

Some of my earliest memories are:

Getting in trouble for using shoe polish on the side of my parents’ house to make it “pretty,” and

Driving all the adults around me crazy by insisting they read my latest “novel—” a series of notebook pages torn out of a notebook, scrawled across with a pencil, and stapled back together again.

I’m a dabbler, outcast, late bloomer, and perpetual learner of something new.

I’m a bit like a hummingbird. I buzz around from interest to interest and sample things until I feel like I’ve learned enough and I’m ready to move to the next thing.

Creating art is the only “flower” that has ever held this hummingbird (me!) captivated.

I’ve been called flaky, irresponsible, flighty, and a quitter for my need to dabble. But I believe my combination of experiences and knowledge in other fields gave me the courage and maturity I needed to finally put my work out into the world.

My artwork is inspired by my beautiful home in the heart of the Sonoran desert in the southwestern portion of the United States. I love creating digital art on my iPad with programs like Procreate, and I also paint and draw with acrylics and watercolor.

You can usually find me:

  • Learning way too many obscure facts from nerdy history documentaries on YouTube. My favorite TV historians are Lucy Worsley, Dan Jones, Helen Castor, Suzannah Lipscomb, and a few more I know I’m forgetting.
  • Endlessly tweaking the code and trying new plugins on my websites.
  • Seeking out the tastiest Sonoran food my southern Arizona home has to offer. Sonoran hotdogs, mesquite-smoked carne asada tacos, raspados, oh my!
  • Hoofing it around nature preserves with Nikon camera in hand.
  • Climbing mountains in my Jeep Wrangler.
  • Drawing on my iPad, painting rocks, and doing anything to scratch my never-ending creative itch.

My Values

  • LEARNING: I will never know everything. I will consistently learn new things and grow from my new knowledge.
  • HUMOR: My approach to life will be laid back. I will always seek the humor in every situation.
  • MINDFULNESS: I commit to recognizing where people are on their unique journeys and I will never forget where I started.
  • CREATIVITY: I will always share my unique perspective, create new things, and strive to walk my own path.
  • BRAVERY: I will consistently strive to push myself further and approach all things head on and head up.

Let’s Connect

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