Let me guess. Right now, you’ve got about a bajillion tabs open in your browser trying to figure out why you can’t do that one thing in WordPress that seems like it should be soooo simple.

Maybe you’re just getting started in the blogging world and you’re completely overwhelmed. Where do you start? What do you do first? What the hell is Mailchimp and what does a postal monkey have to do with your website?

Don’t worry. I got you. Hi! I'm Nicole. I'm a web developer who loves creating content on all things tech, remote work, and productivity.

I use my small piece of the internet to create a welcoming environment for non-technical people who want to get started with blogging, online tech, SEO, and digital marketing.

Here you'll find how-tos, tutorials, templates, and resources on everything from coming up with content ideas to learning how to add HTML to your website.


My Values

  • LEARNING: I will never know everything. I will consistently learn new things and grow from my new knowledge.
  • HUMOR: My approach to life will be laid back. I will always seek the humor in every situation.
  • MINDFULNESS: I commit to recognizing where people are on their unique journeys and I will never forget where I started.
  • CREATIVITY: I will always share my unique perspective, create new things, and strive to walk my own path.
  • BRAVERY: I will consistently strive to push myself further and approach all things head on and head up.

Oh, you're still here? Guess you want to know more.

  • My first "blog" was on GeoCities back in 1995.
  • I'm originally from Indianapolis, IN, USA. In late 2017, I sold my house and most of my stuff and moved into an RV. I now call Tucson, AZ home.
  • I've worked in database administration, medical device management, and front-end web development.
  • I'm equal parts artsy fartsy and tech. I love coding and learning online tools, but I also love painting, photography, and drawing.
  • I like craft beer more than wine, and I'll never turn down a good cup of strong black coffee. Pizza is my favorite food, but I love trying new dishes and exploring what other cultures have to offer.
  • I'm always learning! Right now it's all about Spanish and JavaScript.