Ever had the brilliant idea to start a blog at 2 a.m. only to abandon it by lunchtime because the online writing scene seems as navigable as a corn maze with no map?

If you’re sitting on the other side of the screen nodding, I’d like to tell you about Medium. It’s a platform that helps new creators to stand out and build a devoted following.

No advanced tech, magic spells, or secret handshake required.

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Here’s four reasons I think you’ll love it.

4 reasons you'll love writing on medium as a new creator

1 | Simple & user-friendly interface

Medium has an interface as welcoming as your favorite coffee shop. It’ll feel familiar, even on your first visit.

The post editor is dead simple, letting you format your articles quickly and publish your work hassle-free. And with features like a newsletter tool that keeps your followers updated on your latest posts, you’ll spend less time tangled in tech.

Medium strips away bells and whistles, leaving you with a clean, straightforward platform that allows you to focus on what you do best: writing!

2 | Make money with your writing

Medium isn’t just a place to publish. It’s also a platform where just about anyone can earn money early on.

After you gain 100 followers, you can apply for the Partner Program. You won’t get rich writing on Medium, but it’s a fun and easy way to start making a side income almost immediately.

And if you join Medium as a member, you’ll have access to read unlimited articles, which is like getting a masterclass on writing for $5. You’ll be able to learn from other creators on the platform and pick up lots of tips for improving your writing.

3 | Write about what you want

Is your brain a bubbling cauldron of ideas? Are you tired of hearing that you should niche down and write about one thing?

On Medium, you don’t have to box yourself in. Whether you want to write personal essays, how-to articles, or opinion pieces, Medium is an open canvas for diverse ideas. With a large ecosystem of publications covering various topics, there’s a space for every voice.

If you’re not ready to have your own blog, you can put your work in a publication on Medium and increase your visibility.

4 | Built-in audience

Starting a blog from scratch can feel like hosting a party and having no one show up.

Thankfully, Medium has a built-in audience for you.

With millions of readers, your content on Medium has the potential to reach a lot more eyeballs than it would on a typical blog. When you hit publish, your article will appear on your profile and in the feed of your followers.

Medium’s existing audience and helpful tools will increase the chances of your work gaining popularity with the community.

Putting your work out there as a beginner is brave, and Medium offers a supportive space for you.

So my challenge for you today is to sign up and write your first piece.

Every great adventure starts with a single step (or, in this case, a single word).