Small Art Space Ideas: Must-Have Supplies For Creating Art in a Small Space

In 2017, I sold my house, moved into a motorhome, and drove it from where I was born in Indiana to where I live now in Tucson. It was one of the most exciting, stressful, life-changing, and totally worth-it things I’ve ever done.

But it wasn’t all rainbows and kitten farts. I had to make many sacrifices to get it done, and one of those sacrifices was space. While no longer having closets full of junk doesn’t bother me, I miss having a dedicated space for artmaking.

In my house, I had an office that doubled as a studio. In contrast, my current living space is around 400 sq. ft. My artmaking area has been significantly diminished, and I’ve had to get creative with the supplies I use.

Keep reading below to find out what art supplies I recommend for small spaces!

While I have often wished I could afford a separate studio space, figuring out how to paint and draw in limited space has helped me exercise my creativity and explore other mediums.

I hope this post inspired you not to let a lack of space keep you from creating!

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