Are you putting everything into being a digital creator, only to face silence after hitting publish?

I’m right there with you! Sometimes the internet can feel like a lonely place.

Thankfully, digital marketing can help. And it’s a skill anyone can learn. But with so much information available, it’s hard to figure out which courses to take to build that knowledge.

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Today I want to share 5 Skillshare courses for digital marketing beginners that will teach you the skills you need to get your work out there. 

With these courses you’ll learn how to create an effective marketing strategy, develop content that resonates with your audience, and optimize your online presence for better reach. 

Let’s boost your digital marketing skills and get the attention your content deserves!

Why Skillshare?

I love learning on Skillshare because the platform has classes in a variety of lengths, from 15 minutes to several hours. 

Each course has a class project you create after you’ve completed the modules. I like the project-based format, because it lets you apply what you learned immediately. 

Skillshare is one of the most cost-effective ways to start your digital marketing career because there’s one fee to access the entire library of courses. So not only is it easy on your bank account, it’s also a good value because new courses are added all the time.

From understanding search engine optimization (SEO) to mastering social media, the courses below will give you the tools you need to flourish as an online creator. 

1. Social Media Content Creation in Canva: From Beginner to Advanced by Maggie Stara

Maggie’s course is a complete guide on creating dazzling graphics for different social media platforms using Canva.

This class dives into understanding how the Canva interface works and will help you choose colors and fonts that make your content pop. 

You’ll learn how to create engaging social media graphics that stop the scroll with well-crafted visuals, walk away with some slick Canva hacks, and learn how to turn yourself into a GIF.

It’s clear Maggie hasn’t forgotten what it’s like to be a beginner. She explains everything thoroughly in plain language. And I found I easily created assets in Canva the same day I started her course.

Start Maggie’s class here.

2. SEO for Bloggers and Solopreneurs by Maddy Osman

This bite-sized introduction to search engine optimization (SEO) fundamentals will teach you how to do keyword research and optimize your content for people and search engines.

The examples are WordPress-focused, but you could apply the tips and strategies Maddy teaches to just about any platform. 

I get discouraged when courses recommend expensive SEO tools, as I’m not in a place in my content creation adventure where I can afford them yet. So I’m thrilled that this course suggests several free options you can use to get results until you can invest in paid tools.

I like how Maddy talks about how the strategies she shares grew her own blog. And I appreciate the bonus section at the end of the course where she goes over her favorite tools for blogging SEO.

Start Maddy’s class here.

5 best skillshare courses for digital marketing beginners

3. Build an Email List: Email Marketing Strategies to Build and Grow Your Audience by Lauren Lbik

This class covers the tools and techniques you need to grow an email list. 

From helpful tips on writing effective emails to actionable strategies for improving your conversion rates, it’s an awesome resource for any digital marketing beginner.

At just over an hour long, Lauren packed this course with information while providing step-by-step instructions on the fundamentals of email marketing.

Creating a lead magnet (opt-in freebie) has been a challenge for me. And I appreciate Lauren’s advice on starting simple, choosing a topic, and solving specific problems for an audience.

Start Lauren’s class here.

4. Google Analytics for Business Marketing: Demystifying Your Website’s Traffic by Joshua George

I used to look at my Google Analytics dashboard, get seriously overwhelmed, then slam the tab closed and feign amnesia about ever having tried to understand any of the data in there. 

If you can relate, take this course to learn more about your website’s traffic. It covers all the information you’ll need to understand Google Analytics in a beginner-friendly way.

Joshua George teaches you how to measure and analyze your website traffic to understand user behavior and create better content. He equips you with the knowledge you need to figure out how much traffic you get, see your most popular pages, and keep people on your site longer.

If you’re serious about understanding Google Analytics, this course is a fantastic resource.

Start Joshua’s class here.

5. Content Marketing Masterclass by Brad Merrill

This 3+ hour masterclass covers everything from creating content to driving engagement, giving you a complete guide on content marketing fundamentals. 

The course will help you gain a complete understanding of content marketing and how it can increase website traffic and build relationships with your audience.

You’ll learn how to create and curate engaging content that resonates with your audience. As well as tactics for optimizing your content for search engine visibility. And strategies for leveraging influencers to amplify your content.

All the moving parts around guest posting makes me feel confused and overwhelmed, so I appreciate the advice Brad gives on strategic collaboration and pitching. I also got a lot out of the sections on repurposing content and measuring results.

Start Brad’s course here.

Final Thoughts on Learning Digital Marketing with Skillshare

Skillshare is a cost-effective resource, and the classes in this post are the perfect place to learn the basics of digital marketing.

With these five engaging teachers, you’ll get the tools you need to build a successful digital marketing strategy that will set you apart from your niche neighbors. 

If you’ve wanted to get started with digital marketing but weren’t sure where to start, this is your chance!