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Nicole Peery

Front-end web developer known for strong design skills and creative problem solving

Hike With Me

Hike With Me User Flow

Project Overview

This project was created for the UX Techdegree program at Treehouse.

Hike With Me is an app that helps users find, schedule, complete, and rate hikes alone or with friends. My role was to complete card sorting exercises for two user personas and create wireframes for onboarding, scheduling, completing, and rating a hike.

Business Goals

  • Create healthier communities and more active individuals by giving people an easy way to schedule a hike.
  • Increase the number of hikes users go on
  • Increase the number of app downloads


  • Joaquin, a 30-year-old who works in sales
  • Shania, a 24-year-old who works in accounting


  • Enjoys challenging himself
  • Wants to be able to schedule hikes with his busy friends
  • Trying to keep up his healthy lifestyle
  • Likes to go on longer hikes with a variety of difficulty levels


  • Wants to be more active
  • Trying to be healthier
  • Wants to meet new friends who are more active
  • Has never hiked much before


Card Sort Exercise

Taking the user information completed by the research team, I created a document with all the steps each user would take to find, schedule, and complete a hike.

I organized each activity into a logical order with the goal of reducing the number of steps users have to take to meet their goals in the app.

Lessons Learned

In this project, I learned how to balance business goals and user needs to design user flows that meet the requirements of both parties. Creating wireframes and user flows together made the whole process of app design solidify in my mind.

The next time I create a user flow, I want to try a different tools. Creating the flow in Adobe Illustrator was unwieldy and made the process take longer than it should. My first user flow taught me the importance of using the right design tools for the task at hand.

The Result

Open project files

The final grade I received on this project was exceeds expectations. To obtain the “above and beyond” grade, I:

  • Created an additional card sort exercise for the Shania user persona
  • Created wireframes to meet Shania’s needs

Here are some comments from my project reviewer on my work:

"You also added the logical flow for Shania. It covers her needs and shows a unique difference between how the app would work for her and how it would work for Joaquin. I also like how you’ve made a note of what wireframe corresponds to what part of the journey, great thinking!"

"Your attention to detail and production of a fantastic deliverable piece is awesome. Your User Flow docs are branded with Hike With Me, and keeps the user in mind very clearly. I especially like the extra steps and wireframes included for ‘newbie’ hikers, because (let’s be honest) most of us are pretty newbie hikers."