How to Use Google Chrome to Boost Your Productivity


How to use Google Chrome to boost your productivity

When you think of productivity, to-do list apps and fancy planners probably come to your mind. But what if you could use a tool we usually see as a distraction machine to boost your productivity? I want to show you how I use my web browser of choice, Google Chrome, to stay organized and on point with the things on … Read More

My Best Tips For Getting the Most Out of Slack

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My best tips for getting the most out of Slack

You scoped out an online course and the sales page mentioned “access to a Slack group.” Or maybe you’re already invited to a Slack team by someone you freelance for or collaborate with. You’re probably wondering…what the heck is Slack? If you’re old enough (and nerdy enough) to remember the days before social media, you might have talked to people … Read More

How I Stay Focused and Productive as a Remote Worker

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how I stay focused and productive as a remote worker

You’ve got work to do, but: The food in the kitchen ain’t gonna eat itself Your favorite person in the online world is live on YouTube, and you just got three new emails Everything is ten times more interesting than whatever it is you need to be doing. When you try to focus and get something done, your brain bounces … Read More

How to Create a Kick-Ass Blog Social Media Strategy Using One Free Tool

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Planning content, creating images, and scheduling posts is a huge time-suck, and I take regular breaks from social media to combat overwhelm. None of this lends itself to a consistent or meaningful social media presence. I believe that social media should be social. It’s for building relationships and providing value, not playing follow/unfollow games to inflate your numbers with people … Read More