How to Create a Kick-Ass Blog Social Media Strategy Using One Free Tool

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Planning content, creating images, and scheduling posts is a huge time-suck, and I take regular breaks from social media to combat overwhelm.

None of this lends itself to a consistent or meaningful social media presence.

I believe that social media should be social. It’s for building relationships and providing value, not playing follow/unfollow games to inflate your numbers with people who probably don’t give two hoots about you or what you have to say.

At the same time, it shouldn’t cost a bunch of money, suck up your time, or frustrate the hell out of you to promote your content.

In this post, I’m going to share how I use a tool called RecurPost to stay organized, sane, and consistent with my blog social media strategy. Without investing a lot of time or money.

What’s RecurPost?

RecurPost is a social media scheduler with built-in content planning, curation, and scheduling tools. You connect your social media accounts, create content libraries, set up a schedule, add your content, and let RecurPost take it from there.

RecurPost is my tool of choice because of the generous free plan. The cool developer thing to do is be on Twitter, so I want to be active there.

Thanks to RecurPost’s free plan, I can be active on several social media channels without paying for tools. And their paid plans are affordable, so if I need to upgrade in the future I can do so without busting my wallet.

RecurPost’s plans and pricing

RecurPost’s generous free plan

A Note About Recycling Content

Prior to February 2018, social media schedulers were permitted to “recycle” content on Twitter, or in other words tweet the same post over and over again.

Due to abuse by spammers, bots, and other skeeve-heads, you can no longer send the same tweet on multiple accounts or post the same tweet on an account more than once. This is why we can’t have nice things. Read more from Twitter’s developer blog.

TL;DR (too long; didn’t read) version: Recycling content on Twitter is no more. It has ceased to be! Instead of creating one tweet to go out over and over again, you’ll have to create several variations.

Connecting Accounts

After you create your RecurPost account, you’ll want to connect your social accounts by clicking Social Accounts on the top menu.

With a free account, you can add one profile of each type. If you need more than one profile on any social media network, you’ll need to upgrade.

At this time, RecurPost works with Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram. RecurPost doesn’t offer Pinterest scheduling, but their FAQs section says it’s coming soon. Patience, grasshopper.

Adding accounts in RecurPost

Creating Content Libraries

RecurPost uses content libraries, or “buckets” of of like-type content. For example, my content libraries are my blog posts, other people’s blog posts, engagement questions, quick tips, quotes, and affiliate links.

I’m only using RecurPost for Twitter right now, so you can see that each library posts on Twitter. If you were using it for any other social network, it would show up under Posts on.

Each content library will display the number of posts and how many remain “tweetable,” or in other words how many posts have never been sent to Twitter or have a variation that has never been sent to Twitter.

RecurPost content libraries

You can manage each content library by clicking it and going inside the library or by clicking the three dots in the upper right-hand corner of each card. From either place, you can add content, add content in bulk, pause the library, duplicate the library, edit the library, or delete the library.

Setting A Schedule

Once you have your content libraries created, it’s time to use them to create a posting schedule. Click on Schedule on the top menu and select the Add new schedule button.

From there you can choose your content library, the posting frequency, and which social media accounts you want it to post on. You can have RecurPost select the best time to send your post based on your followers’ activity, or you can choose a custom time.

After you’ve added your content libraries to your schedule, set a frequency, and added posting times, you’ll have a schedule that looks similar to this:

Setting a posting schedule in RecurPost

But what’s a posting schedule without any content? We’ll get to adding content next.

Adding Content

If you have a paid plan, you can use RecurPost’s plugin to migrate posts from another social media scheduling tool. Otherwise, you’ll be adding content manually.

But no worries, the bulk add tool is free. To use it, select the content library you’d like to add to and click the right-hand drop down menu on the Add an update button.

Select Add in bulk, and you can copy/paste separate posts into the bulk add text box. There’s an option for adding image posts, too!

Adding RecurPost content in bulk

If you’d rather add your updates one at a time, you can select Add an Update instead of choosing the bulk tool, and you’ll be taken to a menu where you can add posts, links, and images to your selected content library.

Finding Content From Others

If you have a paid plan, you can add RSS feeds from your favorite blogs and schedule their content automatically in your RecurPost libraries.

That includes your blog, by the way. You could add your blog to the feed manager and never have to add an update from your blog manually again. That alone is worth $10 a month.

Because I have the free plan, I could only show you the sad page in my dashboard that says, “Upgrade your plan to get content via RSS feed.” However, Billie over at Desire to Done has a great screenshot of the feed manager in her blog post about RecurPost. So head over there after you’re done here and check it out.

You get to see the feed manager and I get to promote another blogger, which I love. We both win!

RecurPost sounds great! But what are the cons?

Hey, no tool is perfect. And I’d be doing you no favors if I didn’t mention a few things I wish RecurPost offered.

  • I wish it had Pinterest scheduling. I’d love to use one tool for all of my social media scheduling.
  • I wish it was easier to mention people in tweets. If you typed @ and started entering someone’s Twitter username and it popped up with a Twitter user search, it would be awesome. For now, you have to search for the user yourself on Twitter and copy/paste their username. Or just don’t mention them, which is lame.
  • I know I’m asking for a lot here, because the free plan is already awesome. But it would be helpful if you had a limited number of RSS feeds with the free plan.
  • The Chrome extension doesn’t like links from Medium. If I want to share something from Medium, I have to log in to the dashboard and add it manually.
  • I wish it worked with automation services like Zapier or IFTTT.

You’re now in the know about a tool that saves me time and money in my blog social media strategy each week. I hope you take advantage of RecurPost’s awesome features, and if it’s in your budget, give one of their paid plans a try.