Fun Mask Design: Making the Most out of 2020 in Copper and Teal

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In reference to my weird sense of humor, I’ve always told people that I’d rather laugh than cry.

2020 has certainly been a year for tears. And along the same “laugh or cry” lines, I also like to try my best to make unpleasant things a little more fun whenever possible.

This year has introduced the need to wear a face mask when around other people. So when Society6 announced they’d start printing artists’ designs on face masks, I jumped at the chance to add a fun design to one.

I created my first face mask design using the Procreate app on the iPad. I used the liquify tools to create a natural, marbled mineral feel.

The colors for this design are inspired by the copper mines in southern Arizona. Azurite is a blue/teal-colored mineral created by weathering copper ore deposits.

Azurite on a copper deposit. Photo taken at the Arizona Sonoran Desert Museum.

The contrast between copper and azurite strikes me as stunningly beautiful and never fails to capture my eye.

Azurite was used in art for centuries to create blue pigment. In recent years azurite from Arizona was sent to the Vatican to help restore frescoes in the Sistine Chapel.

I love that minerals mined in my state have played such a big part in both the history of art and its preservation.

I’m so pleased to offer my interpretation of these colors on several items in my Society6 shop, and I look forward to creating more mineral-inspired designs in the future.

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