From My Sketchbook: Mixed Media Watercolor and Procreate Sketches With All the Feelings

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This week has been all about me keeping my promises to myself. Allowing myself to create something, anything, every day without the expectation that it be good.

It’s also been about not letting myself feel guilty if I sit down to draw or paint, lose track of time, and get nothing else done. Because that’s definitely a thing that happens when I paint.

Wait, when did it become 11 p.m.?!

Earlier in the week, I practiced with watercolor. After feeling inspired by this class by Yasmina Creates, I used a bigger brush (#10) and painted loose florals.

After they dried, I broke out some paint pens to add details and make them mixed media pieces.

Mixed media florals with watercolor and paint pens: A rose, daisy, and prickly pear flower

On the digital art front, I’ve been experimenting with creating textured backgrounds in Procreate, adding a layer of color over the textured background, and using the eraser tool to create simple shapes that let the texture show through.

Living in the southwest USA, many of the shapes I use in my work are desert inspired. This time it was chili peppers, and I was delighted when my first attempt came out good enough to put in my Society6 shop.

But art doesn’t lie. And something interesting I noticed as the week wore on was my feelings making an appearance in my work.

Earlier in the week, it was flowers and bright colors. And while the pieces I made later in the week started out bright, as I continued to work on them the patters grew chaotic and the colors darkened.

It helped me realize I’ve been feeling particularly stormy, frustrated, and stressed about a few things going on in my life.

As an INTJ, one thing I’m not good at is feelings. Specifically acknowledging and feeling my own. I’d normally deny it, shove it down, and let it fester.

But getting it out and onto the page, whether I realized I was doing it or not, was healthy.

I’m only a few weeks into my commitment to myself to create art more regularly without guilt, and I’m already seeing the benefits.

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