5 WordPress Mistakes New Bloggers Make (And how to fix them!)

NicoleBlogging, WordPress

Backups. Spam comment moderation. CSS and HTML tweaks. Optimizing content for search engines. Updating themes and plugins. You work hard to make sure your corner of the internet is laying out the welcome mat for your visitors 24/7, so the idea that you’re making mistakes with WordPress is frustrating. How do I know? Because I once had a website that … Read More

5 Beginner-Friendly Tools That Will Help You Generate a Slew of Blog Post Ideas


As a beginning blogger, when you search for ways to come up with blog post ideas, you’ll read tips like: “ask your followers” “email your list” “read your blog comments” And instantly become frustrated because you don’t have any of those things yet. Your well of inspiration eventually runs dry, and you find yourself staring at a blinking cursor on … Read More

How to Create a Kick-Ass Blog Social Media Strategy Using One Free Tool

NicoleBlogging, Tech Tips & Tools

Planning content, creating images, and scheduling posts is a huge time-suck, and I take regular breaks from social media to combat overwhelm. None of this lends itself to a consistent or meaningful social media presence. I believe that social media should be social. It’s for building relationships and providing value, not playing follow/unfollow games to inflate your numbers with people … Read More