Best Procreate Classes: 4 Skillshare Teachers That Will Help You Learn to Draw on Your iPad

Back when I had a house with an office, it doubled as my studio. I had an easel, canvas, and drawers full of every art supply and paper imaginable. I could paint, ink, stamp, draw, and splatter to my heart’s content.

When we moved into an RV to realize our dream of living in Arizona, I had to leave my studio (and part of my heart) behind.

Since I gave up my studio space, the Procreate app on my iPad has stepped into scratch my creative itch. With the Apple Pencil, it’s amazingly like actually painting with paint or drawing with a pencil.

The iPad’s compact size makes it ideal for my limited space. And I’m no longer concerned about using up expensive paint or screwing up expensive paper. If I make a mistake in Procreate, I swish three fingers across the screen and everything gets erased.

Today I’d like to share the courses of four Skillshare teachers who helped me learn how to use Procreate for iPad. And inspired me to keep creating despite my lack of studio space.

Liz Kohler Brown

Liz is an artist, designer, and teacher. What I appreciate about her courses is that she provides you with free Procreate brushes, paper textures, and inspiration boards that give your projects a great start.

I love that she encourages you to use the tools and methods she teachers you within your own style and artistic taste. Liz’s courses are my favorite go-to resource when I’m feeling stressed because her calm voice and reassuring presence helps me relax and have fun.

Teela Cunningham

Teela is a hand lettering artist and graphic designer. What I love about her courses is that she moves you through every detail without going too fast or getting too complicated from the start.

When I found Teela’s Skillshare courses, I was new to both iPad and Procreate. With her guidance and easy instructions, I was able to create art I felt good about and that kept me going on to more advanced Procreate features.

Jane Snedden Peever

Jane is an illustrator and designer, and she has helped me get a handle on some of the more advanced Procreate features like creating brushes and using drawing guides.

What I love about Jane's courses is she encourages you to just start and not judge anything you make. That advice was helpful to me when I needed to get past the blank screen and start creating art on the iPad.

Rich Armstrong

Rich Armstrong is a product designer, and what I love about his classes is that he encourages you to have fun, play, explore, and use the tools and skills he gives you to create around your own style.

I got a lot out of his classes on Procreate, and he has a few other non-Procreate courses for iPad that I look forward to taking. His quirky style, easy explanations, and laid back approach keep me going back for more!

If you’ve been curious about getting started with drawing on iPad, I hope this post took some of the guesswork out of finding good starter resources. Pick a few of these courses that interest you and go create something!

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