4 Skillshare Teachers That Will Help You Get Started With Drawing on iPad

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Back when I had a house with an office, it doubled as my studio. I had an easel, canvas, and drawers full of every art supply and paper imaginable. I could paint, ink, stamp, draw, and splatter to my heart’s content.

When we moved into an RV to realize our dream of living in Arizona, I had to leave my studio (and part of my heart) behind.

Since I gave up my studio space, the Procreate app on my iPad has stepped into scratch my creative itch. With the Apple Pencil, it’s amazingly like actually painting with paint or drawing with a pencil.

The iPad’s compact size makes it ideal for my limited space. And I’m no longer concerned about using up expensive paint or screwing up expensive paper. If I make a mistake in Procreate, I swish three fingers across the screen and everything gets erased.

Today I’d like to share the courses of four Skillshare teachers who helped me learn how to use Procreate for iPad. And inspired me to keep creating despite my lack of studio space.

Liz Kohler Brown

[mv_create key=”3″ type=”list” title=”My Favorite Liz Kohler Brown Classes” thumbnail=”” layout=”hero”]

Teela Cunningham

[mv_create key=”4″ type=”list” title=”My Favorite Teela Cunningham Courses” thumbnail=”https://nicolep.me/wp-content/uploads/original.jpg” layout=”hero”]

Jane Snedden Peever

[mv_create key=”5″ type=”list” title=”My Favorite Jane Snedden Peever Classes” thumbnail=”https://nicolep.me/wp-content/uploads/original.jpg” layout=”hero”]

Rich Armstrong

[mv_create key=”6″ type=”list” title=”My Favorite Rich Armstrong Classes” thumbnail=”https://nicolep.me/wp-content/uploads/original.jpg” layout=”hero”]

If you’ve been curious about getting started with drawing on iPad, I hope this post took some of the guesswork out of finding good starter resources. Pick a few of these courses that interest you and go create something!